Jaguar E-Type Shell Series 1½ Shell


The client commissioned RM to fully restore the shell of his prized Jaguar E-Type, he would then rebuild the car personally.

The shell of this iconic British classic came to us in poor condition. We started by acid dipping the shell to find all the imperfections, however in doing so we discovered the car had suffered a major accident in its life causing the shell to twist. To resolve this, we had to make a jig to put the vehicle on and proceeded to straighten the shell out to the factory measurements. Once straight, all corroded panels were removed and replaced with quality E-Type parts. Extensive preparation then followed to get the car ready for paint, opting for Old English White to match that of the period. Finally, two full days were spent wet sanding the entire car, followed by buff and polish to ensure the paintwork reflected the premium luxury associated with this model of Jaguar.